Sidney Widmer

Software Developer


I currently work at dreipol where I'm charming pythons and juggling yaml files. Occasionally, I have the chance to drop some knowledge bombs online for our company blog or offline in magazines. Sharing is caring - so a personal favourite of mine was volunteering at Django Girls. See my recent open source projects to get an idea of how I work.

Greatest Achievements

  • Blocking port 22 in ufw - while being connected to said server via ssh
  • Opensourcing my CAS finals project 3 hours before the presentation. A necessary third party service instantly notified me that my account is under lockdown. Turns out I pushed an api key early in the project and later didn't correctly removed it from the git history
  • Setting HSTS headers and forgetting to allow access to the .well-known route for Let's Encrypt to issue a cert
  • Told a client it was a caching issue even though I just forgot to push prod
  • 400 hours in Valorant, Plat II rank